Monday, April 12, 2010

Director's Departure

After four long and difficult months, I am sad to report that Gallery Imperato has yet to find a new home. With the indefinite state of the current situation, I've finally decided to make a move of my own. I am incredibly proud of what was accomplished in the last three years and am confident that the platform created at Gallery Imperato greatly contributed to the arts in Baltimore. We had some awesome shows, loyal patrons and extremely talented artists pass through. I will sorely miss seeing the same familiar faces every seventh Friday. Thanks to you, I had the pleasure of sharing amazing work with the public and got to surround myself with artwork that excited me. Now I begin a new venture where I will continue to do just that.

I am pleased to announce the emergence of Divergence Fine Art, a unique business venture that connects clients with artists, artists with galleries, and galleries with clients. My mission is to assist, guide, inform, educate, excite and inspire. I will continue to exhibit exceptional artwork every chance I get by curating the occasional show and working closely with local artists, galleries, and non-profit organizations. Be sure to keep an eye out for Divergence Fine Art showing at a venue near you.

Until Then,

Cherí Landry

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