Wednesday, August 26, 2009

In A Material World...

Gallery Imperato is pleased to present In a Material World.... Elaborate costumes by fiber artist Melissa Webb will be on display from August 14 through September 12, 2009. A selection of related photographs by Uli Loskot, Lisa Dietrich, and aminibigcircus will accompany the wears. Guests can expect to be served by garden gnomes and mingle among hi-society stilt walkers at an opening reception to be held on August 14 from 7-10pm.

For four weeks Gallery Imperato will be transformed into a mystical dreamland, a haunted forest, a magical storybook, a warehouse of the imagination. The Topiary Woman, Death Dance Bird, Swamp Nymph, Ghost Bride and other key players from former films, living installation works, and lively performances will come to a stand still. Familiar favorites will be joined by newly emerging characters in an environment that allows for an up-close examination. For the first time viewers are invited to explore the saturated colors, complex textures, and history behind a number of Webb's tactile creations in an intimate group setting.